The Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL) studies life in the world of political concepts.  Our interdisciplinary centre examines how political principles function within and beyond the contemporary west. Concepts such as citizenship, civil society, and the rule of law are used as often by policy makers as by scholars. Core to CISRUL’s mission is informing academic and public debate on how they are used, and to what effect.

CISRUL brings together an extraordinary range of researchers, including PhD students, to study these and other political principles, including democracy, human rights and pluralism. We consider how they have been fostered historically, debated philosophically and in politics, fought over by social movements, codified in law, transmitted through education and the media, and lived out in everyday life. You can learn more about our events, past and present, here.

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Our PhD students represent a variety of disciplines, including sociology, law, race studies, international security studies, and history. Browse their individual profiles to learn more about their backgrounds, projects, and unique interdisciplinary contributions to CISRUL.

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