Marek works as Program Officer with the Open Society Foundations’ Public Health Program (PHP), where he focuses on health law and equality. He also teaches at the Institute of Politics and International Studies at Eotvos Lorand University Budapest (ELTE), Hungary. Marek previously worked as Head of Research and Human Rights Education of the European Roma Rights Centre (ERRC), an international human rights and public interest law organization, the Secretariats of the Decade of Roma Inclusion and the European Sociological Association (ESA). In 2017, he was awarded the Martin Alexandersson Research Scholarship of the Raoul Wallenberg Institute and the CAS-SEE/University of Rijeka Fellowship for his work on the Roma’s right to water.

Marek recently published Mechanisms of empowerment for the Roma in a New Social Europe, in: Ryder, A. Taba, M., Trehan, N., (eds.) (2021) Romani Communities and Transformative Change: A New Social Europe, Bristol University Press, Policy Press, pp. 33-64

You can find more about Marek’s work here.

Research Interests

His primary research interest lies in the areas of sociology of (human) rights, political sociology and philosophy, socio-legal theory, citizenship, social inclusion paradigms, equality, environmental and social justice, criminal justice, inclusive education, all these with a particular focus on the situation of Roma people in European societies.


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Selected Articles and Blogs

Szilvasi, M., Rorke, B. ‘What’s it going to take to end school segregation in Slovakia?’ in: ERRC blog, 1 March 2017, available at:

Szilvasi, M., Rafael, V. ‘Zo škôl zmizli tisíce chudobných detí‘, in: DennikN, 28 February 2017, available at:

Szilvasi, M., Rorke, B. ‘Racism’s cruellest cut: Coercive sterilisation of Romani women and their fight for justice in the Czech Republic (1966-2016)’ in: Open Democracy, 24 January 2017, available at:

Szilvasi, M., ‘The ‘success story’ that wasn’t: Slovakia’s EU Presidency and access to water’, in: ERRC blog, 13 January 2017, available at:

Szilvasi, M., Navrotskyy, V., ‘Access to clean water for Roma in Ukraine: a grim tale of local barons, leaky pipes and dry wells’, in: ERRC blog, available at:

Szilvasi, M. (2016) ‘When words fall on stony soil and hearts harden in the face of injustice: On coercive  sterilisation and social theatre’, in: Romea, available at:, (‘Když slova padají na neúrodnou půdu a srdce se tváří v tvář nespravedlnosti svírá: Nedobrovolná sterilizace a sociální divadlo’, Czech translation, available at: slova-padaji-na-neurodnou-pudu-a-srdce-se-tvari-v-tvar-nespravedlnosti-svira-nedobrovolna sterilizace-a-socialni).

 Szilvasi, M., Zaharieva, R. (2016) ‘Denied the Right to Water: the Miserable Fate of Roma in France’, in: ERRC blog, available at:


Shadow Reports to International Human Rights Bodies

I (co-)authored ERRC submissions to UN UPR on the Czech Republic (March 2017), UN CRC on Slovakia (April 2016), UN CEDAW on the Czech Republic (June 2015), UN CERD on Macedonia (August 2015), UN CERD on the Czech Republic (July 2015), UN CAT on Slovakia (July 2015), UN CRC on Slovakia (June 2015), UN CESCR on the Czech Republic (March 2014); 8-11th DH case implementation submissions to the  Committee of Ministers, Council of Europe (June 2012, November 2012, November 2013, February 2015); Reviews of the Decade Civil Society Monitoring Reports (2012, 2013-2014), Submission to UN HCR on the Czech Republic (June 2013) and on Slovakia (June 2013); Submission to the European Commission on the Czech Republic (April 2013) and on Slovakia (April 2013); UN CERD on Slovakia (January 2013), UN UPR on the Czech Republic (April 2012).


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