We encourage you to apply for postdoctoral fellowships (Marie Curie, British Academy, Leverhulme, Newton International, ISRF etc.) to hold at CISRUL. If we feel you would be a strong applicant and a close fit with CISRUL, we will offer you full support with your application – and we may even fund you to visit Aberdeen to develop your application.


Postdoctoral schemes look for a close fit between applicant, funding scheme and host institution. Therefore, we ask that you begin by:

  • reviewing the criteria for the Fellowships listed below, and deciding which you fit most closely
  • reviewing the information about CISRUL on this website, to decide whether CISRUL is the right place to host your Fellowship, and who might act as mentor for your Fellowship.

The next step would be to contact the CISRUL member who you consider a potential mentor, or the CISRUL Director Trevor Stack.

We will then consider whether we can support your application, and if possible, invite you to Aberdeen to spend a few days developing your application.

Some relevant schemes to consider are:

If you are interested in applying for one of these Fellowships to be hosted at CISRUL, please send a brief proposal and your CV to a CISRUL member who shares your interests, or to the CISRUL Director Trevor Stack.

CISRUL has recently hosted Hanifi Baris’s Leverhulme Early Career Fellowship (2019-22) and Denisse Román’s Newton International Fellowship (2021-3).

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