PhD Workshop and Summer School: 

Radical Protest in Constitutional Democracy

Hosted by the

Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law (CISRUL)

at the University of Aberdeen


Workshop: Monday 6th – Tuesday 7th June 2016
PhD summer school: Wednesday 8th – Thursday 9th June
Academic coordinator: Trevor Stack (


CISRUL is seeking applications for advanced PhD students in any discipline with an interest in the topic to attend a PhD summer school at the University of Aberdeen. The PhD students will attend an academic workshop on 6-7 June, followed by the summer school on 8-9 June.  Please view the Call for Papers.

A CfP for prospective workshop speakers is available separately at

Dr. Alexander Crawford


Alexander is a third year PhD candidate in the School of Divinity, History, and Philosophy at the University of Aberdeen, and is currently funded by CISRUL and the St. Andrews Society of Washington D.C.. He completed a BA (Hons) at Ave Maria University in 2013, and an MLitt by research in Medieval History from the University of Aberdeen in 2014.

His thesis identifies and conceptualises the role of ‘political community’ in the Scottish royal court from 1153 to 1249. Through the application of computer assisted social network analysis methodologies, he first establishes and then analyses the forces which enabled and compelled the generation, maintenance, and termination of noble connections throughout thirteenth century Scotland. He is further interested in determining the ways in which the role of the lay and ecclesiastical noble elite changed during the reigns of William I (1165-1214) and Alexander II (1214-1249), and how this change affected royal policy and administration.

Alexander is an experienced conference delegate and organiser. He is the co-founder and senior editor of the interdisciplinary journal, Granite, and has been the History Department PG Seminar Series convener at the University of Aberdeen since 2015.

Dr. Domenico Carolei

Is Civil Society Self-Regulation Effective?
Researched and Produced by Domenico Carolei


Address University of Aberdeen, School of Law – Taylor Building (Block E) Room EF12, Old Aberdeen AB24 3UB



  • PhD Candidate, School of Law, University of Aberdeen (2015-2018)
  • Qualified Lawyer (Avvocato), Italian Bar Association (July 2015)
  • LLM Human Rights and Criminal Justice, University of Aberdeen (January 2015)
  • LMG Law & Economics, Universita’ della Calabria – Italy (March 2013)
  • Research Intern/Visiting Student, Human Rights and Social Justice Research Institute, London Metropolitan University (July-September 2012)

Research Interests

  • Accountability of Non-Profit Sector and NGOs
  • Self-Regulation
  • International Human Rights Law
  • Criminal Law

Research Grants

  • Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law Studentship 2015-2018
  • CB Davidson Bequest Trust (December 2015; November 2016)

Teaching Responsibilities

Tutor/Teaching Assistant, School of Law – University of Aberdeen

  • Introduction to Legal Theory (2015-2016; 2016-2017)
  • Jurisprudence (2015-2016)
  • Legal Method (2016-2017)
  • Critical Legal Thinking and Scholarship (2016-2017)

Articles in Peer-Review Journals

  • Carolei, “Cestaro v. Italy: The European Court of Human Rights on the Duty to Criminalise Torture and Italy’s Structural Problem” in International Criminal Law Review, Vol. 17, Issue 3, Brill Nv. (Leiden, 2017) pp. 567-585.
  • Carolei, “Human Rights and Transnational Companies: Responsibility without Accountability” in Bocconi Legal Papers, Issue 4 «Law and Business» (December 2014) Egea Editore (Milan) pp. 185-195.
  • Carolei, “Multiculturalismo e minoranze nell’era della globalizzazione” in «Dike Kai Nomos» Quaderni di Cultura Politico-Giuridica, Anno II n°5 (Ottobre2013/Marzo 2014) Falco Editore (Cosenza) pp. 93-118.


Other Contributions

  • Carolei, D. The Most Persecuted Minority in Europe: An Assessment of Roma Rights in Europe (Minorities in Focus, Glasgow 2015).

Saerom Han

Saerom is a PhD candidate in Politics and International Relations funded by CISRUL (University of Aberdeen, UK) and holds an MA in Middle Eastern Politics (Graduate School of International Studies in Hankuk University of Foreign Studies, South Korea), a BA in Business, and a BA in Political Science and International Relations (Sookmyung Women’s University, South Korea)

After completing her master thesis, “Military Defection and Public Revolts: Egypt Case Study” in 2014, Saerom started PhD research at the University of Aberdeen in October 2015. Her general research interests are political economy, state-society relations, social movements, revolution, political transitions, and ideology in the Middle East.

For her PhD research, Saerom is focusing on contentious politics surrounding the dialectical relations between the independent labor unions and the state in Egypt, and their impacts on the current political and social transitions in Egypt. Regarding this topic, Saerom will specifically ask whether workers are contingent democrats, and when and how certain state policies affect the attitudes of workers as well as their behaviors and vice versa. Among various state strategies to control working class, she is particularly interested in the role of ideological discourse.

Currently, Saerom is also working as a research member in the Arab-Transitions, which is an international research project within the FP7 program of the European Commission.


Saerom Han (2016) “The Effect of Anti-Terrorism and Social Movements in Egypt”, Journal of Global Faultlines, 3(1), 77-82.

Current PhD Projects

CISRUL’s PhD candidates represent a variety of disciplines, including sociology, law, race studies, international security studies, and history. Browse their individual profiles to learn more about their backgrounds, projects, and their unique interdisciplinary contributions to CISRUL.

PhD Studentships

CISRUL is building a vigorous community of PhD students who work closely with the academic staff and play an important role in all our activities. PhD studies can often be a lonely experience and PhD student often find themselves working in splendid isolation; this is not the case at CISRUL, where we give great importance to including PhD students in our many events, both for their benefit and our own.

We offer our own interdisciplinary PhD programme in Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law. This is perfectly suited to students whose interests cross more than one discipline, and who are worried about being told that their PhD project does not fit with the strictures of a single discipline.

However, you are equally welcome to apply for CISRUL funding if you are interested in our topics but decide to enroll for a PhD in law, politics, anthropology, education, history, sociology, philosophy or theology. Several of our current PhD students are enrolled in these disciplines and are supervised (or co-supervised) by CISRUL members in that discipline.

During this 2015/16 academic year CISRUL has funded three new interdisciplinary 3-year PhD studentships that included fees and partial maintenance. Saerom Han and Domenico Carolei started their PhDs in October 2015, and recently we welcomed our third student, Aditya Mohanty to Aberdeen to begin his project. More about their projects can be found under Current Projects.

More information on applying for a CISRUL Studentship will be provided when we announce our PhD studentship opportunities and deadlines for commencement in the 2016/17 academic year.