The best way of learning about our activities is through reading the summaries of presentations and discussion at our recent events such as Decolonising Political Concepts (2019), Conceptualizing “Political” (2019), Radical Democratic Citizenship Conference (2018), Radicalism and the Civil Sphere (2017), Radical Protest in Constitutional Democracy (2016), Political Community 2 (2014), Political Community 1 (2013), and What Civil? What Society? (2012).

Recent events

Talking Difference: Episode 4 with Anya Topolski

February 5
Moderated by Beth Lord
Organized by Sophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner

Beyond the Populist Hype

January 13-15, Online Workshop
Organized by Stephan Ritscher & Daniel Matthews-Ferrero

Talking Difference: Episode 3 with Jane Gordon

December 9 – Recording available here
Moderated by Nadia Kiwan
Organized by Sophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner

Genealogies of Human Difference

November 26, Reading Group
Marie Wuth

Methodologies 2: Positionality & Reflexivity

November 18, Seminar Series
Maxim van Asseldonk & Jorg Meurkes

Community series: Nostalgia and Utopia

October 28
Michael Brown & Fredericke Weiner

Difference and Euromodernity

October 21, Reading Group
Stephan Ritscher

Methodologies 1: Fieldwork & Interviews

October 9, Seminar Series
Valentin Clavé-Mercier

Talking Difference: Episode 2 with Gurpreet Mahajan

1 September – Recording available here

Moderated by Trevor Stack and Tamas Gyorfi

Organized by Sophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner

Semester 2, Reading seminar 5: Populism

16 June

Stephan Ritscher & Daniel Matthews-Ferrero

Episode 1: Talking Difference with Lewis R. Gordon

10 June – Recording available here

Moderated by Ritu Vij

Organized by Sophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner

Semester 2, Reading seminar 4: Conceptualizing Difference

26 May

Sophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner

Semester 2, Reading seminar 3: Secularism

12 May

Sophie Lauwers & Joel Pierce

PhD Presentations

Session I 14 April 2020

Session II 28 Apr

Session III 5 May

Trevor Stack

Semester 2, Reading seminar 2: Revisiting the Postmodern

19 February 2020

Dikaia Gavala & Jorg Meurkes

Semester 2, Reading seminar 1: Gramsci’s cultural hegemony

29 January 2020

Bisrat Kabeta

Arendt’s Cases of Council Democracy

12 December

Research Seminar

Hosted by Hanifi Baris

Unpacking the Gig Economy

12 November

Movie Screening and Discussion

Co-organized by the Sociology Society and Vicky Kluzik

POLITICO Seminars 2019-2020

Wednesday, 2 October
Wednesday, 30 October
Wednesday, 5 December

Hosted by Nadia Kiwan and Andrea Teti

The Ghost of Hitler in South Africa

24 September

Roudtable discussion with Shirli Gilbert and John de Gruchy

Co-hosted by CISRUL and the Divinity Department

Decolonising Political Concepts

19 & 20 September

Inter-disciplinary conference

Hosted by CISRUL

Conceptualizing “Political”

13 – 16 June

Workshop and PhD summer school

Hosted by CISRUL

Political Theory Seminar

16 May

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi

Conceptualizing “Political” workshop prep reading seminar

2 May

Hosted by Trevor Stack

Political Theory Seminar on Democracy

18 April

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi

Rhetoric of Critique reading-based seminar

28 March

Hosted by Trevor Stack

Politico PhD Presentations

27 March

Hosted by Trevor Stack

Trying to Establish a European Identity by Politics of History: A New EU Strategy

25 March

Hosted by Karin Friedrich

Guest Speaker Stefan Troebst

Political Theory Seminar on Equality and Justice

7 March

Hosted By Tamas Gyorfi

Liberty and Rights

24 January 2019

Reading-based Political Theory Seminar

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi

Approaches to Political Concepts

10 – 11 January 2019

CISRUL/POLITICO Training Workshop

Hosted by Michael Brown

State and sovereignty

29 November 2018

Reading-based Political Theory Seminar

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi

Citizen Participation in Contexts of Crime-Related Violence and Institutional Fragility

22-23 November 2018

ESRC-funded Workshop

Hosted by Trevor Stack and CISRUL

Citizens beyond corruption and crime: The case of Mexico

13 November 2018

CISRUL Seminar

Co-Hosted by Trevor Stack and Irene Álvarez, Irán Guerrero, Denisse Román and Ariadna Sánchez

The “Civil Society” Concept


12 November 2018

Hosted by Bisrat Kabeta and Domenico Carolei 

Authoritarian Practices Beyond the State

CISRU/POLITICO Seminar with Marlies Glasius (University of Amsterdam)

7 November 20018

Hosted by Trevor Stack and Claire Wallace, co-hosted with Politics and International Relations

Authority and Legitimacy

First Reading-based Political Theory Seminar

25 October 2018

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi

The Power(s) of Global Constitutionalism

CISRU/POLITICO Seminar with Anthony Lang (University of St Andrews)

10 October 2018

Hosted by Tamas Gyorfi Co-Hosted with School of Law

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