Hanifi BL – Baskent University School of Law, Ankara, Turkey

MA (MAINS-Masters of Arts in Inter-Asia NGO Studies) – Sungkonghoe University, Department of Sociology, Seoul, South Korea

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)– University of Aberdeen, Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and Rule of Law

Hanifi previously practiced law in Istanbul, Turkey, as attorney at law between 2003-2009 and 2011-2012. He is specialized in areas ranging from Labour Law, Civil Law, Commercial Law and Administrative Law to Criminal Law, Human Rights Law, and Constitutional Law.

For his MA course, Hanifi studied NGOs and social movements, and his MA thesis was an analysis of power politics and human rights in the case of the occupation of Iraq in 2003.

Political theory is Hanifi’s main area of interest in his ongoing PhD research, with focuses on the theories of social contract, multiculturalism, the tradition of political community, sovereignty, citizenship, nationalism, and constitution-making in political and legal theory. Hanifi’s thesis is about Kurdish politics in the Ottoman Empire and contemporary Turkey and Syria, in which he examines Kurdish political praxis and tries to place it in a theoretical framework, engaging in a critique of political projects/models such as constitutionalism, multiculturalism, and Democratic Confederalism-offered/developed for the integration, accommodation, and/or self-rule in Kurdistan-while doing so.


Upcoming: “Autonomy against the State: Cosmopolitan Political Communities in Kurdistan”; in Political Community, edited by Trevor Stack.

Baris, Hanifi. 2016. “The Kurds: “A history of deliberate and reactive state-lessness””; in Conflict, Insecurity and Mobility, edited by Ibrahim Sirkeci, Jeffrey H. Cohen, Pinar Yazgan; pp. 89-101. London: Transnational Press

Hamelink, Wendy and Baris, Hanifi. 2015. “Kurdish music can no longer be erased from our ears. Musical memories of Armenians from Sason”; Published in Turkish in: Hrant Dink Foundation Conference Proceedings. Istanbul: Hrant Dink Foundation (Link to the Turkish Publication)

Hamelink, Wendy and Baris, Hanifi. 2014. “Dengbêjs on borderlands: Borders and the state as seen through the eyes of Kurdish singer-poets”; in Kurdish Studies Journal, Vol. 2 No: 1; pp. 34-60. London: Transnational Press


PhD Dissertation: Beyond Multiculturalism, Away From State-Oriented Nationalism: Self-Rule through Residential Political Communities in Kurdistan

MA Thesis: Human Rights and Power Politics, 2010, submitted to MAINS at Sungkonghoe University, Seoul, South Korea

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