PhD Fellow at Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and the Rule of Law

Supervised by:

Dr Cristina Flesher-Fominaya

Dr Trevor Stack

Fields of Interest

Historical, Political and Economic Sociology, Political Theory, Critical Theory, Alternative Economies, Cryptomarkets

Teaching (University of Edinburgh)


– Sustainable Development 1A (Winter semester 2015/2016)

– Sociology 1B (Summer semester 2015/2016)

– Sociology 2B (Summer semester 2015/2016)

Research Activity and Collaborations

Citizens, Nations and Migration Network (co-convenor)

World of Work Research Network (co-founder and research coordinator)

ECPR Standing Group on Participation and Mobilisation (member)


Book Review: Hahnel, Robin and Eric Olin Wright. 2014. Alternatives to Capitalism: Proposals for a Democratic Economy. British Journal of Sociology. 5 August 2016.


  • 2018: Co-organized the international conference “Radical Protest in Constitutional Democracy” at the University of Aberdeen
  • 2015/11/06: Co-Organising and chairing the roundtable discussion “Migrant Voices – Public Narratives”. Organised by Sociology, University of Edinburgh in collaboration with Archivio delle Memorie Migranti (Rome, Italy) and LIVED (Charity)
  • 2015/12/10-11: Co-Organising the conference “Weber / Simmel Antagonisms: Staged Dialogues”. Organised by the Max Weber Group of the British Sociological Association and Sociology, University of Edinburgh
  • 2016/03/21-22: Presentation ‘Multi-sited Ethnography and Organisational Ethnography: Thoughts on their Combination in the Context of Worker Cooperatives’; also member of the organising committee for the conference “New Directions”. Organised by Sociology, University of Edinburgh
  • 2016/09/22-24: European Society for Social Drug Research; Presentation with Dr A. Bancroft ‘Pricing Strategy of Drug Vendors on Dark-Net Markets’


  • 9th International Research Methods Workshop ‘Methods for PhD’ (Grounded Theory, Qualitative Comparative Analysis, Social-Network Analysis


2011-2012: Magister Litterarum (Master of Letters) in International Political Theory, The University of St Andrews / United Kingdom.  Dissertation: ‘Arendt Dates Marx: Capitalism as the Mortician of Worldliness’

2008-2011: BSc (Bachelor of Science) in Economics and Management, Libera Università di Bolzano (The Free University of Bolzano) / Italy

Exchange Programmes

2011, Summer term: Marmara University, Istanbul, Turkey (ERASMUS)

2009, Summer term: National Sun-Yat-Sen University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan (awarded via a bilateral university agreement)


Scholarship from the region South-Tyrol in Italy for 2009-2011: “Borsa di Studio della Provincia Autonoma di Bolzano, Alto Adige”