In both the UK and Mexico, the Activism in Regions of Crime-Related Violence project team has run a series of scholarly and public engagement events, as well as impact events with policy-makers and practitioners. Please visit the individual event pages for more information:

Upcoming events

Citizens Against Crime and Corruption: Societal Responses to Organised Crime (ECPR conference panel)

Past events

Civic Actors and Illicit Margins in Public Policy: A Mexican Case (seminar)

Citizen Participation in Contexts of Crime-Related Violence and Institutional Fragility (academic workshop)

Activismo, violencia y fragilidad institutional: Repensando el papel de la sociedad civil y la ciudadanía frente a la violencia (academic workshop)

Repensando la participación y colaboración ciudadana en la seguridad pública y la impartición de justicia (workshop with policy-makers and civil organizations)

Citizens beyond corruption and crime: The case of Mexico (seminar)

(More to come)

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