A Mexican Case

Trevor Stack

A talk co-hosted by CISRUL, Centre for Global Security and Governance and the Modern Languages Research Forum

Monday 22nd April at 2-4 pm in Humanities Manse seminar room

In 2018, a gala dinner was offered in honour of “opinion leaders” in a provincial Mexican city, and guests included the directors of a pro-transparency civil association, as well as city reporters and their bosses. These and other guests were surprised to find that their hosts included not only the municipal president, whom they expected, but also a businessman who had long been associated with organised crime and a notary with a similar reputation. The vignette serves to complicate the heroic image of a civil society that challenges the hold of criminal actors over state office-holders, by showing how criminal and other business interests can figure in public policy processes, and how the line between such interests and so-called civil society can be a fine one.

The research was part of the ESRC project Activism in Regions of Crime-Related Violence.

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