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Methodologies (in) Conversations: Session 2 – Positionality & Reflexivity

November 18, 2020 All day

This session aims to provide reflections for scholars using both empirical and non-empirical methods about the role and impact of the researcher on and within their research. It may addresses questions such as the power relations existing between researcher and researched, the position of researchers in relation to the social world in which they work and live, the connections between activism and research, or and how to articulate socially empowering ways to do research.

Possible texts/authors

  • Gaudry, Adam (2011), “Insurgent Research”
  • Tuhiwai-Smith, Linda (1999), Decolonizing Methodologies
  • Rose, Gillian (1997), “Situating knowledges: positionality, reflexivities and other tactics”
  • Alison Wylie (2003), “Why Standpoint Matters”
  • hooks, bell (1991), “Theory as Liberatory Practice”
  • Poets, Désiréé (2020), “Failing in the Reflexive and Collaborative Turns: Empire, Colonialism and the Impossibilities of North-South Collaborations”, in Fieldwork as Failure
  • Maczynska, Eva (2020) “Reproducing the European Gaze through Reflexivity: The Limits of Calling out Failures”, in Fieldwork as Failure

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