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Methodologies (in) Conversations: Session 1 – Fieldwork & Interviews

October 9, 2020 All day

Session 1 – Fieldwork & Interviews

This session will be focused on two concrete, and often interconnected, methods: fieldwork and interviews. In it, we aim to share reflections and experiences concerning good and bad practices, as well as potential advice that may help others. The processes of conducting fieldwork and interviews will be examined and common concerns, pitfalls, and potentialities will be addressed. Through the reading of 4 short excerpts from different works on methods, we aim to engage especially with issues such as: the construction and maintenance of rapport; the question of access to the field and to interviewees; the way we symbolically and semantically construct our interlocutors; and the role of informal conversations in fieldwork and their relation to interviews. We ask all the potential participants to think ahead of the seminar about their experiences, doubts or questions about these issues. Other related issues are also obviously welcome. Please, do not feel deterred by the four texts as they are short (35 pages in total) and easy to read. Hopefully, this material will help sparking your own reflections and the collective conversations.

Suggested readings

  • Excerpt of Yin, Robert (2011), “Doing Fieldwork”, in Qualitative Research from Start to Finish, pp.114-121
  • Fujii, Lee Ann (2019), “Selecting, Finding, and Approaching Interviewees”, in Interviewing in Social Science Research: A Relational Approach, pp.35-52
  • Morse, Janice (1991) “Subjects, Respondents, Informants and Participants?”, Qualitative Health Research, pp.403-406
  • Hammersley, Martyn & Atkinson, Paul (2007), “Unsolicited and Solicited Oral Accounts”, in Ethnography: Principles in practice, pp.99-103

The meeting will take place in the MS Teams channel.

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