The conference will be held at the Old Aberdeen campus of the University of Aberdeen. This will be followed by a PhD summer school at The Burn, a country house in Aberdeenshire, where PhD work in progress as well as key texts on community will be discussed in a more informal setting. Wheelchair access will be available at all venues, and where possible we will endeavour to facilitate online participation for those who are unable to attend in-person for accessibility reasons. 

* To apply for the conference: Prospective conference speakers are invited to submit an abstract of 200-400 words to present a paper.

* To apply for the summer school: PhD candidates are invited to submit a 1-2 page letter in which they describe their thesis and, where appropriate, its relevance to ‘community’, along with their motivation for attending the summer school. 

PhD candidates can choose to apply to either or both events, but are expected to attend (if not present at) the conference if they are applying to the summer school. All submissions should be sent to by 1 March 2022. Please include your name(s), affiliated institution/organisation, and where appropriate, the title of your paper. PhD candidates should also indicate their status, and whether they are applying to one or both events. 

Accommodation, lunches and dinners are included for all participants. Travel funding of up to £250 is included for PhD candidates. Speakers can apply for travel funding up to £250. We encourage travel to Aberdeen by other means than flying where possible, whether for all or part of your journey. Should the default funding be insufficient to cover travel to Aberdeen by rail, bus, or other forms of public transport, successful applicants are invited to get in touch so requests can be considered on needs-based grounds. 

Please click here for more information about this event. View the Facebook event here. Image © Elise Boyle Espinosa

This event is organised by Maxim van Asseldonk and Elise Boyle Espinosa (contact: It is hosted by the Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society, and Rule of Law at the University of Aberdeen, as part of the European Union Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation programme under the Marie Skłodowska-Curie grant agreement No. 754326. Previous CISRUL conferences include ‘Conceptualising Difference’ (2021), ‘Decolonising Political Concepts’ (2019), and ‘Conceptualising Political’ (2019).

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