This podcast series presents a platform for discussions on topical political concepts across the disciplines gathered at CISRUL. Securalism, liberalism, post-modernity, difference. Using abstract political concepts such as these are the bread and butter of every academic and serve as invaluable shorthands. At the same time, however, these concepts can be very vague and even intimidating to those unfamiliar with them.

Created and produced by Jorg Meurkes (philosophy) and Dikaia Gavala (literature), the podcast invites senior and early stage researchers to talk on a concept they deal with, its current manifestations in world events, as well as to ask them that very question: what has this political concept ever done for you?

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Postmodernism with Dikaia and Jorg What Have These Concepts Ever Done for Us?

What has postmodernism ever done for us?! A discussion by the hosts, Jorg Meurkes and Dikaia Gavala, on postmodernism & Harvey and Jameson, key concepts and current 'appropriations'. Also, our take on covid-19 and consumer society vis-à-vis state-level reactions. Enjoyed best with Merritt Parkway pics, Ginsberg's Howl and consumption of stuff globally the same. For comments, suggestions, questions contact us on our Twitter page: 
  1. Postmodernism with Dikaia and Jorg
  2. Gramsci in Ethiopia with Bisrat Kabeta [Part 2]
  3. Gramsci in Ethiopia with Bisrat Kabeta [Part 1]
  4. Civil Disobedience with Maxim van Asseldonk [Part 2]
  5. Civil Disobedience with Maxim van Asseldonk [Part 1]