CISRUL welcomes our newest member, Dr Catherine Whittaker.

Catherine is a research fellow on the ESRC-funded CISRUL research project, Activism in Regions of Crime-Related Violence and Institutional Fragility. She is joining the team of nine researchers for the final four months of the project. Her responsibilities include attending project meetings in Mexico, copy-editing publications, anonymizing data, developing the project’s communication strategy, and to contribute to data analysis and writing-up.

Catherine recently completed her social anthropology PhD thesis, “Warrior Women: Contested Understandings of Violence and Gender in Highland Mexico” at the University of Edinburgh. Her research, which included 15-months of immersive ethnographic fieldwork in the rural south of Mexico City, was funded by the Mexican Government, the University of Edinburgh, and the Royal Anthropological Institute’s Sutasoma Award, as well as receiving an award from the American Anthropological Association.

In the future, Catherine plans to continue writing and researching violence, gender, and affect in Central Mexico, and is currently developing her next research project with the support of CISRUL Director, Dr Trevor Stack. You can follow Catherine on Twitter: @whittacat

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