One of CISRUL’s core aims is to engage with scholars throughout the world and across disciplines.  To this end, we host visiting scholars throughout our annual seminar series, and we invite at least one prestigious scholar a year to come to Aberdeen and give a series of Guest Lectures.  In the past, we have hosted theologian Stanley Hauerwas, political theorist William E. Connolly, and sociologist Jeffrey Alexander.

For more information on our previous visiting scholars and their guest lectures, please see the dropdown menus for this page.

All upcoming visiting scholars will be noted in our Seminar Series schedule for the current year.

Professor Nancy Postero
Professor Jeffrey Alexander
Professor William E. Connolly

International Expert Advisors

The POLITICO International Expert Advisors (IEA) meet annually and review the overall progress of the doctoral programme.

The group will provide expert advice to the STSB to guide and inform the selection and training procedures implemented by the programme.

Professor Gurpreet Mahjan
Jawaharlal Nehru University

Professor Political Science with expertise in social sciences, political thought and theory, hermeneutics and multiculturalism. 

Professor Marlies Glasius
University of Amsterdam

Professor of International Relations with expertise in global civil society, international criminal justice, human security and authoritarian rule.  

Dr Pilar Domingo
Overseas Development Institute

Research fellow with ODI and an expert in rule of law and accountability; judicial reform and access to justice; citizenship, rights and legal voice

Professor Jose Maria  Rosales
University of Malaga

Professor of Moral and Political Philosophy with expertise in political philosophy, democratic theory, human rights, and the historiography of political thought. He also coordinates the Civic Constellations II project – Debating Democracy and Rights.

Professor Carlo Ruzza
University of Trento

Professor of Political Sociology with expertise in modes of political participation and related theoretical aspects.

Professor Engin Isin
Queen Mary University of London

Professor of Politics and International Studies (POLIS) and an expert in the politics of citizenship.”

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