Seminars and Events 2018/19

Unless otherwise noted, seminars are open to everyone – please forward to other contacts and lists. Subject to alteration, please check back before the event. You can also view information on our upcoming events via our Facebook page here.



Time Event Venue


 10 October


Anthony Leng, ‘Global Constitutionalism’ Taylor C11

Tamas Gyorfi Co-Hosted with School of Law

25 October


First Theory of Political Concepts Seminar

Tamas Gyorfi

 7 November

15.30 – 17.00

Marlies Glasius, Visiting Speaker EWF61

Trevor Stack and Claire Wallace, co-hosted with Politics and International Relations

12 November


Civil Society Workshop

Fraser Noble FN113

Bisrat Kabeta and Domenico Carolei

22-23 November

All Day Event ESRC Academic Workshop: Seeking Justice in Contexts of Violence and Institutional Fragility Aberdeen

Trevor Stack

29 November 14:00 Second Theory of Political Concepts seminar Tamas Gyorfi

10- 11 January 2019

All Day Event

Approaches to the Study of Political Concepts Workshop

Michael Brown and Trevor Stack

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