Decolonising Political Concepts

Inter-disciplinary conference
Thursday, 19 & Friday, 20 September

Fraser Noble, Room 185 on Thu morning
University Office, Committee Room 2 on Thu afternoon
University Office, Court Room on Fri (all day)

More information about the conference
Hosted by CISRUL

The Ghost of Hitler in South Africa

Roudtable discussion with Shirli Gilbert and John de Gruchy

Tuesday, 24 September, 10am
Sir Duncan Rice Library, Room 3 on the 7th floor

More information about the roundtable
Co-hosted by CISRUL and the Divinity Department

POLITICO Seminars 2019-2020

Dates in half-session 1:
Wednesday, 2 October, 10am-12pm
Wednesday, 30 October, 10am-12pm
Wednesday, 27 November, 10am-12pm

Taylor Building, Room A37

Hosted by Nadia Kiwan and Andrea Teti

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