February 10Methodologies: Case StudiesTam Nguyen & Stephan Ritscher
February 23Community series: Community & Radical Democracy (?)Maxim van Asseldonk & Marie Wuth
February 24Conceptualizing Difference: Difference and Identity PoliticsJorg Meurkes
March 12
1 pm
Talking Difference: Episode 5 with Sabine HarkSophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner
March 24Methodologies: Ethics & Care in Research Elise Boyle & Joel Pierce
March 31 ??Conceptualizing Difference: Preparatory Reading Seminar for the ConferenceSophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner
April 13-16Conceptualizing Difference Conference and Summer SchoolSophie Lauwers & Fredericke Weiner
Week of April 26-30PhD presentations 
May 19Community series: Community and SocietyTrevor Stack
June 9Methodologies: Empirical and Theoretical Research Sophie Lauwers
June 30Community series: Community 7Rachel Shanks
(?) indicates preliminary dates or titles| All times are in GMT/BST

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