CISRUL staff and PhD students also publish media articles, including the following:

8 April 2015

How a group of Dominicans were stripped of their nationality and now face expulsion to Haiti

Eve Hayes de Kalaf, University of Aberdeen

Just because people feel that they are a national of a country does not mean the state necessarily agrees. While tourists flock to the Dominican Republic – the most visited destination in the Caribbean – few are aware of the struggle that tens of thousands of people are currently facing to prove their right to a Dominican nationality.

Born and raised in the country, many had the birth certificates, ID cards and passports to prove it. Yet the state is claiming that for over 80 years a bureaucratic mistake led them to issue this documentation. Those affected have been left stateless…



14 November 2014

Business as usual in Mexico despite 43 murdered students

The killing of 43 student teachers in Mexico has alerted the world to the country’s deteriorating human rights record. While the US and EU governments have expressed concern, others – including the UK…

   3 October 2014


I write not an as an expert in Scottish politics, though I live in Scotland and was born and bred here, and in fact my expertise lies in Mexico. But my theoretical interests lie in the big questions of citizenship and political community at the heart of the referendum debate. This also led me to hold educational events in Scottish schools with young voters – the voting age was lowered to 16 for the referendum…

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