Interdisciplinary Dialogue 2nd-3rd May 2017


Craig Suite (Rm 1), 7th Floor, Duncan Rice Library

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Sponsored by Aberdeen University Centre for Citizenship, Civil Society and the Rule of Law & The Normativity Project of the College of Arts and Social Sciences



Tuesday, May 2nd

Session 1 13:30-15:00 “Sovereignty and Submission: The Violence of Christian Metaphysics” – Prof Marius Mjaaland (University of Oslo)

Session 2 15:30-17:00 “The End of the Two Realms? Christian-Muslim Dialogue from a Lutheran Perspective” – Dr. Eva Harasta (Evangelische Akademie zu Berlin)

Wednesday, May 3rd

Session 3 9:30-11:00 “Mystical Foundations of Politics? Luther on God’s Presence and the Place of Human Beings” – Dr. Martin Wendte (University of Tübingen)

Session 4 11:30-13:00 “Babel, Tyranny and Totality: Reading Genesis 11 with Luther” – Dr. Mike Laffin (University of Aberdeen)

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